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Oct 1, 2012 8:30pm EDT
. next to him is tom freed monday of the "new york times" and jessica matthews and bob kagen of the brookings institution and we ring are going to cover several sets of issues in little blocks tonight. in each case, i'm going open up, i'm going open the discussion with a quote from one or two of the panelists, we'll then have some interaction among the panelists on the theme of the quote, and then i'll ask them a couple of questions about related issue. following that, at the end of each one of these sort of three -- twenty or twenty five minute sections. i'm going it look to you for questions question keep it as interactive as possible and have you as engaged in the discussion as possible. at the very end, there will be a little more time if we vice president covered something in the context of the three big themes, then you'll be able to introduce that in to the discussion and we will wrap up here promptly at 8:00 to tonight. when we do get to the questions and answers. it would be good if you would identify yourself and keep your statement in the form of a question. i have alread
Sep 28, 2012 8:00pm EDT
and so -- >> host: just to reinforce what you just said, from bob woodward's book, the price of politics, he recounts a conversation with former verizon ceo ivan steven berg and valerie jarrett from the white house and here is ivan seaton berg talking to valerie jarrett according to bob woodward. with all due respect we will be here when you are gone for climb a perfect example that he said so you have to realize that this very progressive agenda and this once-in-a-lifetime malt meant for this world can be lost because guys like me can hunker down and wait you out. >> guest: i've heard the same things. i have heard at the end of the day the president likes to appear like he is getting input from the business community but he really doesn't act on that input. because he has an ideology of the solutions that are needed for this economy and that is really where he focused, rather than speaking to business people saying okay here is what the demand picture looks like. here is what we need to ensure that we will you know put more money into the economy. i think there is a real debate
Oct 2, 2012 8:00pm EDT
and the consequences, we have a panel of four budget watchers. bob greenstein is head of the president obama's transition policy work. doug holz-eakin, president of the action forum, headed the staff, directer of the congressional budget office. he was a member of the president bush's economic adviser and was an acting directer of cbo. finally, diane lim rogers blog z as economist mom and was chief economist for the house committee and the ways and means committee. our format today will be relatively straightforward. each speaks for five minutes, and i'll ask questions, we'll l get a discussion going here and turn it over to the audience to give you a chance to ask the questions. we've people watching on c-span and the web, and if you're not in the room, send them to, and those questions will come to me. to start, donald? >> thanks. thanks, everybody, for being here and braving the rain to talk fiscal cliffs. i'll try not to ruin your lunch. as howard mentioned, we put out a big report yesterday about the tax components of the fiscal cliff, walking thr
Sep 25, 2012 8:00pm EDT
would do worse. look at bob mcdonnell in virginia, not there will be a national candidate, but he someone who clearly was socially conservative. telegraph that clearly and they thought of them as reliable. so he was able to go after these voters, but because he thought of him as reliable and he was actually able to frame name effectively. i tend to think that's a better battle of someone who explicitly says compare huntsmen to the george w. bush. >> i can imagine jeb bush is the intellectual leader as we have to rethink stuff, but not running himself and maybe trying to steal rubio is not in that camp yet a little further in his direction. i can sort of imagine a scenario. >> far be it for me to predict what the republicans are going to do. i thought they would pass reform in the mid-two thousands. i think jeb bush is positioning himself. he went to tampa said we are acting on immigration. it's going to be published next year. i think he is positioning himself to be the guy who is very conservative, catholic, mexican american at the great education track record. i think he's going
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4